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Happiness Jar English

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LE 110.00
Happiness jar 2018 Edition What's New? 1- New Messages Variety 2- two Stickers for your car/Laptop 3- Key Hanger "Absher" "hatefrah" 4- Gifted Card "النبي قبل الهدية" 5- Search for the empty message in your jar and fill it by yourself 6- Sticker inside the jar 7- An empty bag inside the jar to count the read messages 8- Discount coupon gift What's inside the jar?! It includes 75 different message: ‏‎‏‏‎‏*Motivational qoutes ‏‎‏*Prayers ‏‎‏*Arabic Calligraphy tips ‏‎‏*Happy Messages ‏‎‏*career tips ‏‎‏*life tips "Tip Of The Day"