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Free Shipping When you spend +2500EGP
Free Shipping When you spend +2500EGP
Why should you spend your time playing with Intarsia?

Why should you spend your time playing with Intarsia?

Why should you spend your time playing with Intarsia?

Because you get lots of bang for your buck

If you want to make some extra cash from your hobby but don't have much in the way of tools, timber or capital, intarsia is definitely worth investigating.

To get going all you need is:
  • Instructions
If you've never done it before you might possibly need a how-to intarsia instruction book.
  • A design
Either out of your head of if you need inspiration, surprise, surprise, we have some intarsia patterns that may just fit the bill.
  • Wood
Small bits of different coloured timbers. Or cut them out of one piece of cheap pine and stain the pieces different colours as you can do with this free Elephant Scroll Saw Pattern. This is a very cheap and easy way to produce something amazing. I recently posted to my blog on the subject of sourcing different timber colours.
  • Saw
Either a scrollsaw, a cheap one will do, or a bandsaw with a narrow blade to cut out the shapes.
    • Sander
    Some sandpaper preferably attached to a sanding machine. Unless of course you are a masochist and enjoy hand sanding. A cheap drum sander that fits in your drill or bench grinder is perfect.
    • Chocolate
    A large bar of chocolate.....oops sorry, no you don't absolutely need the choccy and anyway I'm on a diet.

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